Open Source GTM Framework

Build reliable tagging plans, easily maintain your tags, get the most out of your webanalytics tools. is a flexible set of Google Tag Manager containers released under Apache V2.0 licence, easy to implement, test and maintain, maximizing data quality and accessibility for the end user.

Modular & scalable

You could be operating a huge ecommerce website with GA 360 Suite or a multi domain lead only website,'s set of GTM containers adapts to your needs, and provides the features that you require to measure and optimize online performance.

A Framework, not a recipe

Built with the "2x container sandwitch" in mind, adapts to your development environments and let's you properly tests new tracking features before you push them live into your production environments.

Webanalytics standards

How come that developers use open source frameworks and CMS to build websites and webanalysts all use their own way and proprietary code to measure these same websites? offers the unification of Webanalytics best practices.