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gtm dice triggers


Let's roll a 100 sided dice and trigger the tags you want in Google Tag Manager. This GTM module allows to cover a specific percentage of your pageviews and users.

In role playing games if you roll a low number on your two d10 you get more tags in GTM.

Super simple, this Module can be used to deploy some tags on a specific percentage which can be super useful on let's say a Analytic Tool that has a limited number of hits you can send ;)

Implementation examples :

  • You want to integrate the pageLoadPerformance on 30% of your 'window loaded' ?
  • You don't want to integrate the Hotjar Tag on all your users but on a few only

This module is 100% standalone, which means you can merge this with your current GTM config and use these triggers as you want...


Please refer to the container setup instructions

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