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Google Tag Manager Containers

santianoTrinityPrinciple is separated has 3 types of containers
- Core : work environment
- Modules : website <- -> GTM
- Vendors : GTM <- -> Third Parties


To work properly, requires your website to have a dataLayer, and Google Tag Manager properly installed.

Install Google Tag Manager properly



Dev & Prod work environments - Double container sanwitch - DomainNameList - To work properly, requires your website to have a dataLayer, and Google Tag Manager properly installed.


GDPR GDPR is a popin system for Google Tag Manager built to gather user's consent and integrate with any website.


TimeOnPage by automatically executes events based on the effective time spent by users on your webpages


Let's have a look at the clicks occuring on our website, internal, interdomain, and obviously external clicks

GTM Dice Triggers

Let's roll a 100 sided dice and trigger the tags you want in Google Tag Manager. This GTM module allows to cover a specific percentage of you pageviews and users


A factorized, streamlined way to integrate Ecommerce tracking. santiano Ecommerce module for GTM provides the tagging plans, and the GTM configuration to track each and every Ecommerce website


The SEO monitoring module for Google Tag Manager comes built in with a wide variety of common seo Tags translated as GTM Variables

File download

Automatically track each download occurring on your website. Outputs a santianoEvent for each downloaded file on your site.

Page load performance

Accurately measure the time each page takes to render completely on your visitors' web browsers



Hotjar allows you to visualize heatmaps and record user activities on you site

Facebook Pixel

The facebook Pixel allows you to perform Retargeting campaigns on the Facebook Platform with the pageview alone as well as with your ecommerce events

Google Analytics Events

Send events to Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager with gaEvent Vendor for Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Integrate Enhanced Ecommerce functionnalities for Google Analytics with gaEnhancedEcommerce GTM Vendor by

Google Analytics Page Views

Integrate Google Analytics Page View tag properly with gaPageview for Google Tag Manager by