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Custom Javascript
The content of the pop up is stored in a variable so you can easily plug it to your dataLayer if you want
	  function() {
    // ### Editing ###
    // Feel free to edit these text variables below
    // or connect them directly to your website dataLayer 
    // by changing this variable type while keeping the following objet structure
    // ### Disclaimer ###
    // You should definitly have a 'wee chat' with your favorite lawyer :)
    // #iAmNotALawyer and should not be taking any responsability for the legality of your implementation
    // that's also the reason why is released under Apache V2.0 licence
    // ### Word of advice ###
    // Keep that popin cool and usable for two main reasons:
    // 1) Internet is a cool place
    // 2)
    // Ok now get back to work :)
    var gdprPopInHtmlStrings = {
		screenFirst: {
          'headerTitle': 'Your Privacy Settings',
          'textContent': 'As any other websites in the "Internets", we do use cookies and have third party tags running on this site that allow us to analyse our traffic and as a result improve your online experience. <br>We could also practice something called "Online Advertising" that really helps with the bills you know... <br>Please say yes and many people will keep their job :)',
          'buttonOK': 'I accept',
          'buttonControl': 'Control'
        screenSecond: {
          'headerTitle': 'User data preference',
          'textContent': '#iAmNotALawyer so I suppose you should edit this text',
          'stage0': 'System cookies and anonymous audience tools',
          'stage1': 'Some intermediate level you will find a name for',
          'stage2': 'Personnalized advertising',
          'buttonOK': 'OK'
  return gdprPopInHtmlStrings;

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