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Documentation Summary is...

For webanalysts

What if Web Analysts would share their best practices to build a shared platform on Google Tag Manager ? aims to be the Drupal of web analytics. You can download the software for free, but it is a tool made by and for web analytics professionnals.

For developers

// is defined in code and 
// is specifically developped in order to 
// facilitate its implementation process
// All code should be documented in GTM too.

For marketing

With accurate data tracking, Web marketing specialists have the ability to optimize seriously their campaigns.

Great data means automated reporting, which means more time reading the data than actually compiling it. is Vendor Independant

This means we do not integrate the tags like Google Analytics Wants it (even if we all love what Google does)

  • cd1, cd2, cd3, cd4, ... , cd42 , .... Well we should never ask Developers to integrate that into their Website... 
  • What is this actionField ? is 'id' a productId or an orderId
  • Why should my Events in GA only have 3 text variables, I want 5 minimum.
  • Did you know that for some vendors with default GA EnhancedEcommerce, productAddToCart and productRemovedFromCart was not Enough ? 

We integrate Tags the way which helps send tags to any vendors easily

  • The Website Talks to GTM with the standards
  • reads what is happening and send the data though GTM to all necessary vendors 
  • customDimensionNumbers for Google Analytics are never hard coded into a site, their translation is done in GTM configuration. is not made for DOM modification

If your dev team is not fast enough, this is your dev team's problem, Not GTM's.

GTM is asynchonous javascript, and should never be used to modify the content any web page

  • As adblockers won't load it
  • GTM free version has no SLA, Good hosts Have SLA and can deliver high availability hosting.
  • Modifying DOM with GTM can break Websites, and will definitly make CTOs not happy at all. and javascript

If we want to bring some intelligence and logic to Google Tag Manager, it is necessary to control what is going on with JS. The idea is to maximize the use of variables to simplify readability of code for the GTM professional managing all these tags. The naming structure of all the variables being self explanatory is the key to maintenance on the long run.


Free to use is released under Open Source Licence, which means that you can download it, install it and modify it according to your situation and tracking needs. If you're an agency or freelancer, you can use on your projects too, this is actually the point of all this.




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