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Container setup

When downloading a new GTM container, you should follow this procedure.

  1. Download a new santianoContainer
  2. Import the santianoContainer to your Google Tag Manager Web interface
  3. MERGE !!!!!! and confirm (see screenshot)
  4. In the variabe tab
    • check and edit santianoCoreAuthorizedDomainNamesList
    • check and edit santianoCoreGtmDevId
    • check and edit santianoCoreGtmProdId
    • check and edit gaUaDev
    • check and edit gaUaProd
  5. Publish your Container

Uninstall works with the built in GTM features, so uninstall is manual work, meaning deleting each variable, each trigger, each tag. You can refer to the module or vendor page to get the list.


I wished one day Google Tag Manager's team would create a new feature with read-only status to variables and tags, but as long as this does not exist, updates will need some work too.

If it's your very first time...

Install the containers on a test environment on a test GTM account and play with it 


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