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- Dev & Prod work environments - Double container sanwitch - DomainNameList - To work properly, requires your website to have a dataLayer, and Google Tag Manager properly installed.

The Double Container Sandwitch

Websites have test environments, have test environments too!

With santianoCore you have one single JSON configuration only that can be integrated in two GTM containers

  • 1 production GTM container Loaded on the production website(s) only

  • 1 development GTM container Loaded on any other environments (localhost / UAT / QA / DEV / you name it)

You want to add a feature to your container and/or website ? This happens in your Dev Container so you can test it easily.

You've tested everything and your developer is ready to push to production ? Well you just have to download your DEV container via the GTM 'Export Container' function and then get to the PROD Container and use the GTM 'Import Container' with 'overwrite function, then click the 'Publish' button.

You don't have to modify anything on your GTM configuration between PROD and DEV as this feature is built-in with santianoCore


Please refer to the container setup instructions

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	// santianoCore

var doubleContainerSandwitch = {
'gtmIdDev' : 'GTM-XXXXX',
'gtmIdProd' : 'GTM-XXXXX'