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When everything gets inspiring on a mountain in Hungary...

People who helped make better already

Thank you guys :)



Participate in its development

There are multiple ways to help get Harder Better Faster, the only one true goal...

  • Put to the test
  • Use it for yourself or your customers
  • Report issues or bugs you're having
  • Help with the current gtm containers
  • Develop your own core, module or vendor


Put to the test

Download's GTM containers and play with them, understand how they function 


Use it on your own prod

Only a few features, or altogether, you can use exactly how you want it. I do use this GTM architecture for my own customers and websites, and some of my customers run GA360 which means a crazy amount of volume, custom dimensions and many vendor tags to trigger (or not trigger) at the right moment. is production tested already and you can use it today.


Report Issues or bugs you're having

You're using and you're facing issues, or even found bugs ? feel free to report them right away on the container page itself, variable, trigger, tag and even tagging plan. Maybe one day this site will run a forum, but for now that's the best solution.


Help improve existing GTM containers

The idea of being Open Source is that you can add new things and develop upon it. So if you feel like sharing your improvements this would be great.

To do so, get in touch with me directly on Twitter : @garylemasson

No slack yet, but I am thinking about it ;)


Develop your own

You want to develop your own modules and vendors for ? Great news as it is always better with more brains power :) 

What is very important for containers, is 100% compatibility, 100% modularity, 0% redundancy :

  • Compatibility : All containers should work with one another, and having more modules and vendors, only means more features
  • Modularity : Only one feature per module or vendor, 
  • No Redundancy : Means that if a module or vendor already exists, you should help improve rather than create new :)
  • Commented and readable code and documentation is a +'s road map :

  • Continious improvement of current core, modules and vendors
  • I need to handle multidomain tracking automatically out of the box in GA (I am aware of that issue yes for crossDomain).
  • More modules
  • More vendors
  • Improve the documentation


If you're interested in participating or just wanna say hi get in touch on twitter or directly via email here :)