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Announcing V1.0.0

Dear Internets,

March 14th 2018,

Paris, France

Its been some time since I presented first beta version at last MeasureCamp Bruxelles in 2017. With great feedback there and some time to test features with my customers, I am now so happy to tell you. Now V1.0.0 is live !

Let's start with what it is ? is an Open Source GTM framework built by and for Webanalysts aimed at raising tracking standards and facilitating tracking implementation by developers.

2 years ago, I started developing my very own GTM framework for my customers to improve my workflow as a webanalyst. Everytime I was getting to a new GTM account with new customers, I was surprised to see something new everytime, and very often messy stuff. When I was implementing Enhanced Ecommerce for my customers (360 or not), I was also surprised to see how complicated that was for developers to implement the required tags. Things were'not that obvious for Developers, and the answer, 'Sorry, this is Google Analytics Team's recommendation', was not enough for me.

In a previous life, as SEO consultant, I worked almost everyday with developers asking them to implement SEO friendly tags, respect W3C standard, and so on. What I learned over the years, was that the most important part in any SEO recommendations, was that it would get integrated properly into the website. So I spent more and more time trying to understand developer's logic and clarify my recommendations for integration. 

Open Source was the obvious answer

I seriously want to run the best GTM implementation ever, being a freelance, my web analytics team is pretty much me, myself and I, so to pursue the goal of developping the best GTM framework, I am well aware of the cognitive limitations of a single brain, and in the same time, I am familiar with the power of Open Source CMS and Ecommerce Solutions, I looked for Open Source GTM framework on Google and did not found anything. I decided then to release my GTM framework under Apache V.2.0 and hope the webanalyst community would like the idea and participate. V1.0.0 what's included ?

  • santianoCore 
  • santianoEcommerce (Enhanced Ecommerce Rewritten and on steroids for crazy )
  • Google Analytics All Tags (pageview, events and enhanced ecommerce of course) under analytics.js version.
  • Page Load Performance and File Downloads (to provide an example on how's modules should look like).
  • and santianoSEO of course, a little gift for the SEO community who gave me so much.
  • more to come, of course... 

Separating Core, Modules, and Vendors

In we try to structure stuff, so the idea is to separate features from vendors and set proper work environments. In, we separate the communication between the websites and GTM ( modules) from the communication from GTM to vendors ( Vendors).

  • santianoCore is here to set the GTM work environment up, what is production, what is not prod, and so on.
  • Modules are the features, you want ecommerce tracking ? maybe only form tracking. 
  • Vendors are all the third party stuff your website has to integrate. Meaning that the technical implementation is never vendor specific. Enhanced Ecommerce is implemented via santianoEcommerce flat Ecommerce object. And in the same manner, any Retargeting, CRM, or any tool requiring ecommerce data is based upon santianoEcommerce and not GA Enhanced Ecommerce Object.

Production ready & built for development is already running on production for most of my customers and I am sure that if you spend some time on it, you will understand how easy it is to understand how things are working and it can be to add new variables, and customize the tracking for any implementation.

Building a web analyst community around

By releasing all this to you, my goal is to attrack new brain power to in order to improve it even more, to have more modules and vendors.

Have fun guys, I hope you will like all this.

Best Regards, 



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